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To provide an opportunity for young men to work together in a group fellowship dedicated to community service, and to encourage the practice of responsibilities along with helping others and providing an overall vision for the future..





Expose young men to new ideas and opportunities that they can then share with their friends and peers along with build leadership skills, communication skills, and to appreciate different cultures. 


Dr, Carter G Woodson K-8 History Reading Program - Meeting Coach Tony Dungy


MEN OF VISION INC members grow with a servant's heart. 

  • Every Monday s Scholarship Day. .ALL HS members are require to completed 2 scholarships. (Seniors are required to complete 3 scholarship a week)

  • Every Wednesday is Professional Dress Day      (ALL members)

  • Every Thursday is Fellowship/Mentoring Day!  ALL members (High school to Middle school)

  • Every Friday is Esby / Progress Report Day                                                   


The evidence is clear that high school dropouts have become a growing and increasingly challenging demographic to deal with in the US today.  It is evident that students who drop out of school before high school graduation not only earn less income and have significantly higher unemployment rates than those who graduate; but, they are more likely to have health problems, become welfare-dependent, and engage in criminal activity (Rumberger, 2001).  Additionally, a report issued by the Greater Orlando Chamber estimates that lost tax revenue nationwide for high school dropouts is approximately $71 billion over their lifetime because of their lower earning potential.  Students most at risk of dropping out are more likely to be minority youth from poor and low-income households.

THIS IS HOW MEN OF VISION Inc. creates futures!

Investing in MOV Members Ninth and tenth graders should look for ways to form a solid foundation for a great Men of Vision experience.  One good way to do that is to make the most of the wonderful opportunities available by attending community service activities, monthly meetings, community events, school-related events, and working with sponsors.  Colleges want to know about a student’s interests and involvement.  Our best advice for members is to become involved.  They should explore something they love to do and go with it.  They should stick with it (commitment to activity over four years is good).  They should lead when there is an opportunity (leadership is good).  And they should create activities too (making possibilities for yourself if they don't already exist is good). Colleges are interested in a commitment that show their activities and would rather see deep, full involvement in a few than sporadic attendance at many. If members participate with the MOV organization, they will realize that everything is centered around helping them to succeed in academics and extracurricular activities.


Grandmother Gala was celebrated February 10th, in Clearwater @ Ft. Harrison Hotel


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