About us


To prepare our young men for life.



Expose young men to new ideas, opportunities, and to encourage the practice of responsibility & accountability for their future.



In November of 2006, Ross Anderson founded Men of Vision at Sligh Middle School, and in June 2010 Men of Vision, Inc. was established with the concept of “Action & Vision can change the World.”


Mr. Anderson saw a profound need in schools primarily in the inner city, for mentorship directed towards those whom he often refers to as “our boys”. The young men he initially went after were often angry, fatherless, disenchanted with school, feeling disenfranchised and on the brink of hopelessness and despair. Their academic records were poor and their discipline records even worse. With an average of five suspensions from school for fighting and skipping class and most struggling with reading, some even had probation officers due to their poor choices within the community. Out of seemingly hopeless obstacles MEN OF VISION was born.


Now,  Men of Vision Inc. works with all young men and meets them where they are regardless of their race, sex origin, religious beliefs or backgrounds and prepares them for life. We work with young men from a 1.0GPA to a 5.0GPA and prepared them for either college, military, technical schools, or the workforce.


Dr, Carter G Woodson K-8 History Reading Program - Meeting Coach Tony Dungy



MEN OF VISION INC members grow with a servant's heart. 

  • Every Monday s Scholarship Day. .ALL HS members are require to completed 2 scholarships. (Seniors are required to complete 3 scholarship a week)

  • Every Wednesday is Professional Dress Day      (ALL members)

  • Every Thursday is Fellowship/Mentoring Day!  ALL members (High school to Middle school)

  • Every Friday is Esby / Progress Report Day                                                   

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 The evidence is clear that high school dropouts have become a growing and increasingly challenging demographic to deal with in the US today.  It is evident that students who drop out of school before high school graduation not only earn less income and have significantly higher unemployment rates than those who graduate; but, they are more likely to have health problems, become welfare-dependent, and engage in criminal activity (Rumberger, 2001).  Additionally, a report issued by the Greater Orlando Chamber estimates that lost tax revenue nationwide for high school dropouts is approximately $71 billion over their lifetime because of their lower earning potential.  Students most at risk of dropping out are more likely to be minority youth from poor and low-income households.



THIS IS HOW MEN OF VISION Inc. creates futures!

Investing in Men of Vision members from the sixth through twelfth grades and look for ways to form a solid foundation for a great Men of Vision experience. Have members take a pledge to represent the organization with class & dignity.

  • Attend ALL Men of Vision Inc. Monthly Meeting

  • Volunteer for a minimum of 5 hours a month  

  • Provide Bi-Weekly Progress Report  to Advisers/ Advocate and Parents

  • Maintain at least a 2.5 GPA along with striving to achieve a 4.0 or higher

  • Attend ALL monthly workshops  concerning college & career along with financial planning

  • Make necessary changes with their academics, behavior, and attitude

  • Communicate with officers and advisers on other activities that may interfere with MOV monthly events

If members participate with the MOV organization, they will realize that everything is centered around helping them to succeed in academics and extracurricular activities.


Grandmother Gala was celebrated February 10th, in Clearwater @ Ft. Harrison Hotel


2021 - 2022

Men of Vision Inc. Initiatives

Digital Divide Initiatives – laptops, desktops, hotspots, printers and eLearning tutoring

Literacy Initiatives – Community age appropriate book giveaways & ACT and SAT preparation

Bullying Initiatives – PSA, brochures, cyber bullying poster and essay contest

Feeding the Homeless Initiatives –  Feeding Tampa Bay ,Trinity Café, Metropolitan Ministries                            & sending items to Bahamas, Haiti, Cuba